Slime Finance

Hello Slimers

After being working non-stop since end of February, we have walked through a difficult road. We faced bugs, DDoS Attacks, FUD, and more along the way. It has been quite a journey.

But today we need to sign off for several reasons:

The failed launch of V2 hurt the project in the short term.

Our competitors, mostly Pancakeswap, have grown enormously and it’s hard to live in their shadow.

We tried to hire new solidity devs to increase the pace of development with no luck, after hiring and teaching them for a few weeks, they just left, it is hard to get someone with the tech skills for the job and even harder to trust them after watching how some freelancers hurt so badly projects like Mozart Finance.

We don’t want to give up but we have to step aside and leave room for bigger projects to save the interests of our community.

This situation was already overwhelming us, and then, the lead developer had serious Covid-related issues.

The website and farms will continue to function normally, not will be closed to allow all unstake funds or use it on easy way, but we will no longer work on updates or provide support (if anyone still has stuck funds in previous v2 chef, please contact our chef by email with your address and pool you deposited ).

We want to thank all of you, you are a great community that believes in us, it is not an easy decision but we are doing what we believe is best for everyone.

Until next time, slimers. -Slime Finance team.

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