[Emergency Withdrawal] ONLY FOR V1 Farm and Pools

THIS GUIDE IS ONLY FOR Slime V1 Farm and Pools . https://v1.slime.finance/

DO NOT use it with the new V2 FARMS.

Please take caution and ask for advice if you are unsure on the usage of this guide.

The Slime Development Team as you know, prides itself with transparency and closeness to our community.

In case of an emergency, (DDoS, Hackers, or Hosting Outage) you can withdraw your funds on https://bscscan.com

Following this step by step tutorial:

1) Go to Contract Address

2) Go to point 13. PoolInfo. Type the PoolID number of your token and click ''Query''

THIS GUIDE IS ONLY FOR Slime V1 Farm and Pools . Proceed with caution . https://v1.slime.finance/

3) Click on the LP Token Address

4) Click on the Token Tracker (Pancake LP) Button

5) Check the list and find your LP while doing a double check.

6) Go to https://bscscan.com/address/0x4B0073A79f2b46Ff5a62fA1458AAc86Ed918C80C#writeContract

7) Connect to Web3

8) Go to 5. Emergency withdrawal and put Pool ID (You can see the list in point 2)

We will not be responsible for any losses due to misuse of this Emergency Withdrawal Guide

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